A session with Jewels

Are you ready to live beyond the containers that have been created in the old paradigm?

Experience what it really means to step into your Highest Potential. If you know that you came here to do Big things, then I invite you to experience Divine flow, Divine creation, and I encourage you to express your Divinity fully…not only in our reflection tribe, but in all aspects of your cosmically designed human experience.

This is the time to step into the highest frequency of your personal NEXT.  Stored inside of your DNA is the highest intelligence that is waiting to be unleashed.  This is by design; you have complete access to your highest human potential within your very being. 

Your unique expression within this design is being activated within your DNA each time you choose to move past the programming your body holds. 

I am here to support you in setting yourself into a pattern that breaks limitations of the mind, body and conscious states that are ready to shift to new heights.   

Are you ready to call upon the highest aspect of yourself, and step into your NEXT?  Are you ready to experience 100% human potential?

What a gift to be in this experience of life on the planet right now!  Unlock your brilliance and experience the power of the NEW Human. 

What is all of this about? For over 25 years I have been told we would witness the biggest awakening of mankind and our bodies hold the intelligence to ascend with this awakening. We will break the illusion of the 3D matrix. It is time to Unplug!

My heart has continually called out to others looking to awaken to the 100% potential humans hold within our DNA. There only needs to be a single person to do this in collaboration with others to shift millions of people’s consciousness. The world doesn’t need people to duplicate what is already being done… It is time to create beyond limitations put on us by collective consciousness and become the Supernatural beings we Becoming!

It takes courage and commitment to choose to come out of the matrix and we are not meant to do this alone. Together we can shift what it is to be human and awaken to the NEW Earth Reality.

This collaboration is only part of the equation. It is time to do what we came here to do! Are you ready to come out of hiding to create change from within the masses? It takes intentional collaboration, sovereignty, and a willingness to expand beyond collective consciousness to move into the space of Unity Consciousness… To awaken to your fullest potential.

I honor you for choosing to take the journey into the unknown and navigate the New Earth Reality. I welcome you to the NEXT and I am here to hold space for your continued evolution. If you are ready to tap into awakening to your highest potential I am here for you with full commitment to guide you even further than you currently dream to go. Are you ready to Become What You came here To BE? Your Divine Design is in creation; your light matters in this evolutionary space. It is time to connect to the miracle pattern and be the light you came here to be. I welcome you with open arms and invite you to connect deeply with your Divine purpose.

What is a session like?

A session with me is intentional collaboration.

Your Divine Design is in creation; your light matters in this evolutionary space. It is time to connect to the miracle pattern and be the light you came here to be. During a session we will set a space holding the highest frequency for your future pattern. This creates a journey and an experience that allows you to connect to levels of consciousness that are dormant. I call this The Remembering. Holding a high frequency reflection, I invite you into the abstract and allow you to connect to these levels of consciousness by reading or experiencing them with you. It is an energetic catalyst allowing you to step into equations of intelligence that you are ready to absorb and witness. This allows you to have a pattern to connect to as you move into your life to create shifts into a life of miracles. You must say YES to creating change in your life.

Are you ready and willing to do the inner work required to shift into higher states of Being?

When this YES comes from the deep knowing within your heart, the shift begins. Source energy begins to create an equation of intelligence for your first session when this yes is created. We will read this equation as we create reflection from this source energy.

Each person is unique, so there is no one specific way we will be guided. I suggest looking into your life and seeing what you want to “work on”. This allows Source energy to create a specific equation or pattern to read from once the session moves into direct experience. Each session will be different based on the intelligence that is created before we meet.

Each session is 50 minutes. All sessions are done on zoom. They are recorded and sent to you within 24 hours. Please note our strict 24 hours cancelation policy.

Single Session: $350

If you want to test the water and see how our working together affects your life, I offer a single session option. This is one 50 minute session.