Evolution Journey Reading

How will you connect with your personal ascension, raise your vibration, and activate your evolution?

I invite you into an intentional collaboration to Awaken to Your Evolutionary Future Pattern!

This is the time to step into the highest frequency of your personal NEXT. The universe holds a frequency of Evolution, the Divine Design. Your unique expression within this design is being activated within your DNA each time you choose to move past the programming your body holds. The Evolution Journey Reading supports you through setting an intention, and taking this intention to the highest frequency pattern available. As source frequency flows through the reading you will receive guidance and insight into your intention as well as allow the equation to unravel your future pattern. Are you ready to call upon the highest aspect of yourself, and step into our NEXT? What a gift to be in this experience of life on the planet right now!

During your Evolution Reading I will use the 6 pointed Evolution Symbol. Each station holds an energy frequency pattern. You will pick the Evolution Journey cards that represent your present energy in the now moment. Remember, this is an inside job between you and the Divine, however expressed in your understanding. Awareness is key. This reading holds the highest level of self-discovery, and potentially and organically will help you in your next NOW moment. I will work with the highest frequency of intelligence within your system in collaboration with source frequency as your journey unfolds. As the OM Code emerges, I will set the frequency equation expressing and sequence it in the recorder cell allowing your DNA to hold the highest evolutionary future pattern. This allows your body to hold source intelligence to guide you as you create your reality beyond what you are holding in the present moment.

There has never been a better time to be real, raw and VISIBLE! Your unique expression is needed in the world! Shine Brightly!

Evolution Journey Reading With Jewels

30 minutes: $199